Center Peace Ministries exists to proclaim the Good News, to encourage each person to develop a personal relationship with God, to equip persons to live the selfless life modeled by the Master.

The mission is about an end to un-inspired and fruitless traditions that have the appearance of righteousness, but in reality do nothing to change our lives and bring us closer to God. (Col. 3:2) It is about seeking God with our whole hearts, because it is only then that we will find Him (Jer. 29:13) though He’s been searching for us all along.

The mission is evangelism that ministers in love, gentleness and respect (I Pet. 3:16, Eph. 4:15) with no other agenda then the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is about being real, motivated and ready to give our lives to the Lord in all ways possible. It is about going where others fear to go. It is about speaking what needs to be spoken, God’s Word.

The apostolic, prophetic mandate is to unite the rejected stones that once were not a nation into a church fit to be the temple of the Lord. It is a calling out to be priests set apart for the Lord. (I Pet. 2:5-10) It is calling us to lift holy hands together, to be family in Christ’s blood and through the unity of the Spirit. It’s an illumination in the Gospel, peace, evangelism, Word action, revival and revolution. Revival and revolution is this kingdom ministry’s calling and through submission to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and obedience to God’s Word, nothing shall be impossible, because we simply have faith and believe. We can “Take the WORLD for the LORD JESUS CHRIST – one life at a time!” We believe that our cities can be won for the Lord Jesus Christ and become cities of God through personal and door-to-door witnessing. We must also be concerned for our communities and take necessary steps to convert the areas that have been ravaged by sin and sinful conditions and make them virtual oasis in desert places.

  • Witness the Gospel of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Teach, preach God’s Word, and extend His ministry of love, compassion, healing and restoration to all people.
  • Our desire is to ENCOURAGE through worship, ENCOUNTER through discipleship, and EMPOWER through service, producing a Kingdom Life…A life lived to His highest purpose!

Components of Our Mission

We are to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with boldness. – Matthew 10:7

We continue to grow in His Word so that we are able to explain the gospel and its relevance in everyday life. – Matthew 13:10-13

By the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we are to demonstrate the truth of the gospel to change the lives of others. – Matthew 10:7-8

We are to illustrate the Kingdom of God in all things. This means that we are to possess a culture that loves all and represents individuals in every aspect of life. – Acts 1:8